Hello!  I'm a mother who lives in the country with a sweet little girl (nick)named Bean, a dog who thinks she's human, and 4 cats who still won't accept having to live outside.  Me and Bean spend most of our time watching Disney and doing craftsy things.

(Me and Bean)

As for myself, I like learning new things, as well as the typical girly stuff...shopping...clothes...I have a rockin collection of fashion jewelry that was purchased mostly on clearance.  Did I mention I know how to grab a deal?  I secretly love any type of design show that helps the less coordinated bring it all together, whether it's What Not To Wear or Yard Crashers. Let's see...what else?  I did a short stint in the military until I broke my foot.

(That's me, middle, front row)

I have a HUGE network of friends all over the country from blogging, photography, and of course Basic Training... You'll notice a TON of photos on this blog.  I can't be trusted with a camera.  Or at least I couldn't at one time, back when I actually used to attend a social function or two.

(I also have a very unusual sense of humor)

One last thing.  I'm on a mission to rededicate my life to Christ and to learn the true Christian way of life.  It's something I know and am familiar with, but it's not something I was ever really taught or exposed to for long periods of time throughout my life.

Here on this blog you'll find just about anything, from our designs and crafts, to the recipes we've tried (it's hard to find simple things for my small yet picky family).

Our creations are made from recycled and repurposed materials and are filled with love!  If you are interested in a custom design, please shoot me an email at Jenn.BunnyAndBean@gmail.com.

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Singlenaijamum said...

Hmmmm, very interesting. I have enjoyed myself being here for the first time. I will be coming back, that's guaranteed. Thanks for sharing

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