Time to move on?

I realize it looks like I'm not good at committing to a thing and sticking to it.

That is not entirely the case, though.

It took me a while to gather my thoughts and come to the truth that I honestly have been all over the map with this blog, and I kept trying to change directions so it would be more organized. I would try to take it elsewhere, and then it wouldn't suit me. But I don't think that's really what I have to do. I can't stay organized with something if its not working right, or if I'm forcing it. I have to just let things be and work towards bettering whatever is here. So, while I might not be making money blogging about whatever book I read, or craft I try, or I may not be gaining points for promoting some new product, I have things to say. Whether those things are worthy of anyone else's attention, well, that's beside the point. I'm just going to try again, and this time, I'm just going to move on from what didn't work and move forward to what does work!

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