Photo-A-Day Challenge

In the spirit of fun and for my lifetime love of photography, I've decided to try out a "photo a day" challenge. The objective is to capture a photo each day of the month, with a specific theme or title given for every day. For instance, I found a challenge for June on Pinterest. The creator is fatmumslin (, and she has some pretty creative ideas for photos this month. Today's image was "joy", so I took a pic of something that gives me joy - me and my daughter snuggling before bed. Then I posted it to Instagram and added a #joy hashtag, along with #fmsphotoaday (giving credit to the source). I'm really excited to get my creative juices flowing and see what comes along for the other 29 days!

If you've never done a photo challenge, I highly recommend it. You don't even have to have an expensive camera, or a creative bone in your body. Most of us nowadays are snapping pics with our phones. Kids can join in on the challenge too. It takes just a few seconds a day. So you should be good to go. 

And if you need a little more motivation, here's a few reasons why I recommend trying it out:

•It's FUN. 
•It's free. 
•Anyone can do it. 
•It puts you in the habit of doing something.
•It can be done any time, any place!
•The possibilities are endless. 
•You'll find yourself inspired by all kinds of things. 
•It's a fun and easy way to document your month. 

Get to snappin'!
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