What to Wear to a Wedding

Redbook has some amazing fashion articles. The June 2014 issue includes an article offering tips and advice from celebrity stylist Brad Goreski. He says, "choosing what to wear should be part of the fun...". But here are a few things Goreski says we should keep in mind:

•never, ever, wear white to a wedding (unless you're the bride)
•don't be too casual
•avoid showing too much skin


•going long and curvy
A maxi dress won't compete with the bride
•pants are ok
Try them with an embellished top
•be sexy
Not just overly sexy
•don't be matchy-matchy
Mix it up. Your shoes and bag don't have to match. 
•wear day colors with night accessroies  
You can wear a daytime dress for a nighttime wedding with the right touch 
Image taken from Redbook

No-Slip Hangers (how they saved me)

I've had a big problem with clothing storage, and it's been ongoing for at least a few years. Nothing seems to work. I've tried countless hangers, closet "systems", organization tips, "As Seen on TV" items that promise to do whatever it is that you need done. Still, NOTHING worked. I've had headache after headache, and I usually loathe doing laundry for the simple fact that I know I will have to deal with all the different hangers, getting them untangled, getting them in the closet without getting them caught on something, and of course the biggest problem is running out of room in my closet because of all the bulky hangers.

So recently I was in a high-end boutique browsing around, when a girl walked out of the fitting room talking about the hangers that she found JUST LIKE THE ONES IN THE STORE!  And you could tell by her tone that she was pleased. She even told the store clerk that she was so excited to have hangers that don't let your clothes slip off. That being said (because that's another problem I face), I noticed that they carried no-slip slim velvet hangers. So I went home and did my research. These hangers aren't necessarily cheap, but what is when it comes to storage. Or fashion. It's common sense that you get what you pay for. And in this case, I was at my whit's end. 

The no-slip velvet hangers allow you to hang items without them slipping off. No need for extra hooks, clothes pins, or those big plastic hangers with the grooves in them. 

The slim-line design is petit and thin. This means more space in your closet. Which means more room to browse items, and no more feeling like you're trapped in a well full of sand on laundry day. 

Uniformity. Yes, I bought 3 different styles. My daughter has the tan children's hangers. I have pink slim-line and black rolling hangers. But after buying the pink, I ran out and needed more. And upon returning to the store, I realized that the black ones were cheaper. At that point I didn't have the pink ones on hand to exchange, and I had already discarded the box that that came in. Lesson learned. The point is that my closet looks SO much more pleasant since I have sleek matching hangers instead of those huge bulky and difficult ones that I've been using for so long. 

They can be found just about anywhere, from eBay to Amazon and WalMart.  But I grabbed mine from Bed Bath and Beyond. They had the best prices.

Real Simple® Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers

Real Simple® Slimline 30-Count Flocked Children's Hangers

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