Wordless Wednesday

A forgotten friendship

Not long ago on Facebook, I ran across a friend from my youth. We attended church and bible study together. I went to prom with his brother, and he loaned me a necklace with a cross made from nails. I think one or both of us moved away before I could return the necklace. I still have that cross necklace! For some reason, I've never wanted to part with it. Through the course of life, we both moved on and lost touch. But when I saw him on Facebook, I just HAD to send him a friend request. And what does he say? "I can't believe you remembered me!"

By the way, its been at least 17 years since we've talked or seen one another.

Of course I remembered him. And I'm glad I did. We've been chatting back and forth ever since about a very important topic: God. How is it that people I see every day can't find one thing to say in God's honor? But I reconnect with a childhood friend who lives hours away, works in the middle of the ocean, has a family, and still finds time to witness and guide me as if we never lost touch! That is what I consider a TRUE Christian. Yes, he has said that he sins. WHO DOESN'T? Being a Christian isn't about being perfect or just avoiding sin. It's so much more!

I've been doing much better on my search for an endless and unstoppable faith. I've shared some personal struggles and fears in my chats with my friend. He has referred me to several scriptures and stories. He's talked openly, given thoughts, and passed no judgment. And my friend has set an example for me in return.

Romans 12:9-10 says:

"Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other."

It can be difficult to accept "Christians" or their ways, because so many of them seem fake these days, or not genuine...

Romans 12:14

"Bless those who persecute you. Don't curse them; pray that God will bless them."

It's like something I heard in church this past Sunday: Too many Christians are too concerned with looking right that they don't take the time to actually DO right! What good is being a Christian if you will judge someone who is different than you, who has less than you? When did God give us the impression that he wants us to claim to be his followers and yet not show our love for him in our actions and the way we treat others? Being a Christian isn't just about believing in God. We all fall short. We make bad choices. That's why our God is merciful, and we are to ask for his forgiveness. Still, that doesn't change the fact that many "Christians" profess to know The Lord, yet they treat others poorly. That has been one of the most discouraging things for me on my journey. I'm a firm believer in treating others the way we wish to be treated, and in treating others the way God wants us to treat them.

Romans 12:13

"When God's people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality."

Last week, I experienced something so great, that I immediately emailed my friend to tell him about it. It was so inspiring to me, and to him. But the inspiration didn't stop there. I've thought about it all week, and I want to take what I witnessed, learn from it, and serve The Lord. I have so many talents and skills that I want to use to glorify God and help others to know him. Am I finished with my journey? No! I have much further to travel. But it's becoming such an amazing journey!

Rosetta Translation

Have you ever needed something translated, but haven't had anyone able to actually do the translation? Well, now there's a company for that! Rosetta Translation is a multilingual translation agency located in London, Paris, New York, Luxembourg and Shanghai. They have services which include transcription, interpreting and document translation, to name a few. Their expertise are also not limited to any one field. They specialize in legal, financial, technical and life sciences translation.

If you visit their website (www.RosettaTranslation.com), you'll see their contact information. Also, there is a contact form that you may use to submit a translation request and get a quote in return. How great could this be for someone who runs across an old letter while researching their family - a letter written in a foreign language! Or what about the local business owner who deals with a high volume of foreign customers?

Rosetta Translation has a long list of languages which their interpreters are experienced in. This will definitely come in handy for anyone will a language barrier!

Bunny Bait

Yesterday was Bean's 6th birthday party. She wanted a My Little Pony cake to go along with her Pony Carnival theme. We had horse-friendly food, such as apple slices (with strawberries, grapes, and fruit dip) and carrots (with broccoli, cauliflower, and Ranch Dressing dip). Instead of carnival-styled corn dogs, we did pigs-in-a-blanket with rotel dip. There were many other snacks and treats laid out for the guests, but two of my favorites were these retro-styled movie theater popcorn boxes that we found at Dollar General (6 boxes to a pack for $1.00), and Bunny Bait.

We used a variety of colors in decorating, and we threw in some My Little Pony inspired colored bandanas which were passed out at the end as party favors. The kids were also given brown paper bags to fill with their favorite "horse treats" before leaving. One of the treats was a new recipe that my sister shared with me, called Bunny Bait. It's a popular Easter treat, but can easily be altered to fit your taste or any holiday.


Rice Chex Mix
Bag of pretzels
Bag of mini marshmallows (colors, optional)
Bag of white chocolate chips
Popped white popcorn
Peanut M&Ms (colors, optional)
Sprinkles (colors, optional)
Large Bowl

I mixed our batch and served it in 2 flat cardboard soda boxes, which added to the rustic/horse/carnival atmosphere.

This is how I prepared mine, but you can google "bunny bait" for more ideas!

iPhone App Purchase History

Once again, I dropped my iPhone in a toilet...

I had actually just updated my iTunes and had not yet backed up my device.  Considering that I take a lot of photos and videos, a lot had happened since the last time I updated it (which was in fact recently).  Needless to say, when my iPhone took a dive from my back pocket into a toilet, I FREAKED OUT!  My boss walked to the bathroom door to ask what happened - apparently I said something that caused a concern.  LOL  I got my phone out of the toilet, and sat the phone on a heater vent for several minutes.  It didn't shut down, but I ran as quickly as I could to my laptop to backup my phone before my most recent photos and videos were lost forever.  Forgetting that I had installed the newest version of iTunes but had not backed up my phone, I plugged in my phone to back it up and received a notification that I needed to also install the latest update for my iPhone (6.1).  O.  M.  G.

In the midst of installing, updating, rebooting, freaking out, and trying to restore, my phone somehow restored to factory settings instead of restoring from the latest backup.  I was FINALLY able to get it restored from backup, but my apps are missing.  Being exhausted from trying ALL DAY, I did a google search and found an alternate solution for finding the apps that I thought were lost forever.

Open iTunes.

Open iTunes Store.

Click "Purchased".

recover iphone apps

Click "Purchased", again.

recover iphone apps

Click "Apps".

recover iphone aps

This will take you to your iPhone app download and purchase history!
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