The big demolition

We finished with one entire room of the old house. It took all weekend for most of the project, and all day Sunday for that one room. Almost every bit of the wood was in perfect condition, minus a few pieces that were busted or chipped upon removal. We removed every remaining window. One of the guys working with us was able to salvage some old bricks from the fireplace that had an identification stamp on them from 100 years ago. We also saved a few VERY old doors. There were 2 huge concrete tables, and 3 concrete benches. My mom stumbled on a huge metal pole with arms attached. It was some type of yard ornament that was meant to look like an umbrella, I think. We've got to make one more trip to pick up a few things that wouldn't fit on the trailers. The guy who owns it is very relieved that he will have less to tear down.

I kinda had fun working on this project. Might be fun to look for more here and there.

Antique Finds from Craigslist

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to pick up some antique furniture from a house that we found on Craigslist.  The owner was offering everything on the property for free before he scheduled to have the house torn down.  We met him yesterday morning and he was so nice, he said we could make as many trips as we wanted, and take WHATEVER we wanted.  This was the house before we started on it:

You can see what type of shape it was in.  The main part of the house was very old (that would be towards the right in this picture).  There was a newer section, and there were several areas that had been added onto it over the years...back to that in a minute...  We were looking for lumber and although we didn't find much, we did rack up on several rooms worth of antique furniture and vintage decor.  My step-dad took out most of the newer windows to use in a "shooting house", which I am told is a small shed-like box that hunters hide in during hunting season.  I removed several of the old windows, such as the old window set trimmed in pink to the right of this open door.  I was REALLY amazed when I walked through this house.  There was wall paper over paneling over wall paper over wood planks.  There was one place that had 3 layers of different ugly old patterns of wall paper.  There was another room that apparently had a wall built from the inside, and the wall was built right on top of the windows - as if it was being "boarded up" from the inside.  This house had SO much potential, if it had only been taken care of over the years.  And why on earth would people have left so much behind.  There were records from at least 10 different families that had lived there, and while there were a very few shopping bags laying around from American Eagle, there were several calendars and other items such as movie tickets, medicine bottles, and a few other things that were all dated 2006.  Nothing was found after that year.  I didn't really talk in detail with the owner much about his reasons for demolishing the house, but I do wonder the story behind it...

My mom and I dug around, for fun. I found an old book that had an inscription in the back that said "Jeff gave John Wiley one bottle - Paid" and it was dated 3/15/25.  That would be 1925!  There was also an old black and white photo of a man that I am told was J.R. Wiley in his service uniform before he went to war. I took the book and photo across the street to an older gentleman who works for the police department, and he is familiar with the Wiley family in that town.  I told him if it were my grandfather, it would make me feel good to know that someone wanted to pass those items along and return them to our family! 

We found all types of old sconces, shutters, bottles, mirrors... there was SO much stuff that had just been abandoned!  There was still some furniture there that wasn't something that you'd want to take home and keep.  But it was still fun looking around.  I took an old screen door that reminded me of the one that used to be on my grandparents' house.  I also got an old mantle which appeared to be the original mantle, and two other old wooden doors that are absolutely gorgeous. All they need is a sander and a fresh coat of paint!  My favorite piece was the vanity and mirror that I got for my daughter.  She has been wanting a set like this and I promised her I would look for one:

If you overlook the mess on the floor, this vanity and dresser is in great shape. Like everything else, all it needs is a little TLC.  The mirror has an original stamp on the back saying it was insured for one year, in 1942.  So this thing is over 50 years old!  I have seen these at antique stores for several hundred dollars.  I dare someone to say I was wrong to take free antique furniture.....

My mom stole this antique hope chest out from under me...which I suppose is OK since she is the one who called the guy for me, and since they helped me go and load all of my cool finds ;-P

The guy who owns the house is a young single dad, and I think he isn't into the whole girly thing with collecting vintage stuff and restoring vintage furniture and helping recycle and all that jazz. I absolutely LOVE secondhand things!  More pics to come!

Our latest update

We've been doing some work on our place, and my mom has been on the look-out for anything we can use. Last weekend I racked up on a ton of stuff when we went to Hattiesburg looking for floor materials and electrical wire. We stopped by the Dirt Cheap Building Supplies store and I was in heaven! A brand new toilet was $48 (50% off). The bathroom sink was 80% off the price that was already marked down. We got light fixtures, a marble counter (which I may end up not using), and 3 rolls of underlayment for the wood floors we are putting down. Together the 3 rolls cost just a tad bit more than one single roll would have cost at Home Depot. I was able to get a few more things, and plan on going back later for the ceramic tile at .69 cents a square foot!

Today we are on an adventure to pick up some antique furniture that's in amazing condition. My mom found an ad on Craigslist for a house that was being torn down. The owner was offering everything on the property for free (less for him to get rid of). We checked it out this morning and while the lumber isn't in great shape, there are several pieces of antique furniture that need a fresh coat of stain! The guy was super nice and told us to take it. So we are headed there now to get the furniture and see what can be salvaged from the lumber. I'll post pics of the pieces later. Let's pray the glass makes it home with no breaks!

These are the tiles I'm considering for the kitchen and bathroom.

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