Can anyone identify this photo?

I found this at a junk store in Purvis, MS about a week ago.  It was $6.00.  The photo was glued to the matte board, so there is no way to know if there is any writing on the photo (on the back side).  I would love to find out if anyone recognizes the buildling, or the group of men in the photo.

How to organize your T-shirts

I spent all weekend doing laundry. No joke! Except for one hour when my mom and I hit up two yard sales nearby (that post to come later this week). Needless to say, my laundry was super behind and my closet is due for an update.

The first thing I started with was my T-shirt drawer. It had so many shirts in it, I could not open it. If I did, I couldn't get it to close. Not to mention, I had to dig and sort if I wanted to find a particular T-shirt.

Then, I found a solution!

Stack them horizontally instead of vertically. This will allow more room in the drawer, and you will also see each shirt when you open the drawer instead of having to dig to find the one you want.

Perfect! I was also able to add a few shirts that previously had to take up room and board in the drawer with my undies due to lack of space!

Necklace lengths chart

I found this handy little goodie on Pinterest, and immediately had to repin it. How many times have you wondered exactly how long a necklace is when placing an order or shopping?

Problem solved:

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