Crayola - The Art of Childhood

School is starting and the stores are packed with supplies. Bean racked up on some extra goodies not on her school supply list (a treat from her aunt Shelby). What's the main thing that she brought home with her? Crayola. The great American Crayon. The Art of Childhood...

I'm impressed to see that a lot of Crayola's products are Eco-friendly! Since we've been working to do our part of improving the world, we are always willing to support others who do the same. Especially when it's a company that's been around for so long, and one that produces products that help promote education and creativity.

The Washable Markers are made with recycled plastic and solar energy. According to the box, black end plugs allow them to "use recycled plastic in Crayola Markers - keeping hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills!"

Their Colored Pencils are made with reforested wood since 1987. Crayola does not use rain forest wood or endangered species. For every tree used, a new one is planted."

And let's not leave out the fun of it all. For instance, the Washable Wacky Tips Markers have fun tips that create one-of-a-kind cool effects!

Crayola does many more things to help our environment, from using solar energy to using recycled plastic which keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year!

I remember my favorite crayon was always Crayola. They've been a common brand for ages, and will continue to inspire fun art for Bean just as they did for me when I was a kid.

For more info on Crayola, and how they are getting "greener", visit
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