Sweetest Kids Photo Contest

Update 1/22/13:  it seems the links to the original post are now directing viewers to spam. I apologize, and can assure you this link was working when I made the post. I have removed the link!  Thanks for understanding.

Sweetest Kid Photo Contest Photo

Enter your child's photo into the Sweetest Kids Photo Contest.  Regiistration is easy and free!  Brought to you by a veteran website that's got quite a bit of experience with baby photo contests, what better way to enter a contest than to submit a photo of your gorgeous kid?  The contest gives away thousands of dollars a month, and is supported by some really great advertising sponsors.

How does it work?

You sign up, submit your child's photo, then spread the word and have all of your friends and family vote for your child's photo.  Each person may submit one vote per day.  The votes will be counted at the end of the calendar month, and the winner for that month will be announced within 30 days.

One thing to keep in mind (and be sure your friends and family know this) is that each vote must be confirmed or it will not be counted.  But how hard could it be?  If you've got a kid between 0-48 months, submit their photo and get the votes going!

Darice Project Zone Self-Stick Chalkboard Sheets

Today I tried out the chalkboard sheets that I picked up from Michaels recently for a project we've been working on. I think they were roughly $3.00 (give or take?!), and there are three 8.5x12.5 sheets to a bag. The brand is Darice Project Zone Self-Stick Chalkboard Sheets. I've never used any type of chalkboard sheets, so I didn't know what to expect. Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed and will probably return the other two bags on my next trip.

Photo of Darice Project Zone Self-Stick Chalkboard Sheets
Please excuse the horrible quality of these photos, taken with my phone!

The bags have been stored in a safe place in the craft room ever since we brought them home from the store. I immediately noticed scuffs today before the wrapper was fully off. I'm assuming this happened while being driven home, because I obviously wouldn't have knowingly purchased something that was damaged, and I remember taking them out of the bag and putting them in storage as soon as we got home with them. Still, I wouldn't expect them to scuff this badly while riding in my truck.

Nonetheless, I was going to try and make use of them. So I cut them into pieces with my cutting board, and tried to apply them to my project after removing the backing. The adhesive didn't stick too good, so I applied some super glue. Apparently that was a bad idea because a tiny bit of glue leaked from underneath and when I wiped it away, it smeared the entire edge of my paper. This tells me the paper won't withstand any type of moisture...or sticky fingers when being used by a child who has been drinking juice or something. I think if it's an easy cheap craft, these might work. But if you're working on something you plan to keep or make use of, I wouldn't recommend these.

Prop, Drop and Roll on Etsy

I've finally set aside the time to start adding the new creations to the Etsy Shoppe, Prop, Drop and Roll.  Everything we've made so far will all be added by this Friday.  Bean and I are really excited...she's had a great time helping me make things for the shoppe!  Go visit us on Etsy, look around, grab some of our awesome items before they are gone, and contact us if you would like to place a custom order.

Screenshot of Etsy store Prop Drop and Roll

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