Embossed "Thank You" tags made from recycled materials

Today Bean and I ran errands before getting started on several projects. Things are looking pretty good! After we get a few things finished up, we will be adding more of our creations to etsy. Tomorrow I will do a feature on the etsy shop, and later this week I will post a review on Sizzix (totally swoonable)! Right now I just wanted to share our newest beauties, embossed thank you tags made from recycled materials!

Reuse and recycle old magazines

I've been cleaning out some storage and found a ton of old magazines that I held onto for whatever reason. So I skimmed over them to see exactly why I have magazines from 2008... I think I saved them because of some articles and links that I wanted to remember. But nonetheless, I have a whole new use for them!

I'm going to reuse them, by posting some of the info here that I think everyone should have (really...who couldn't use some tips on finding the right dress or how to coordinate with the right shoes?). Then when I'm done, the pages will be shredded and used as stuffing for shipping breakable items sold in our etsy shop!

So keep an eye out to see what kind of old articles I can dig up!

Blog Design and Customization

Just wanted to give a little sneak peak at what I've been doing.  This week I've been revising the Sharon Coker Photography blog.  It will be complete by next Friday (if not before).

Sharon Coker Photography Blog Design

For fun, here's a link to an article that may help you decide if your blog needs a revamp.  5 Signs It May Be The Right Time For A Blog Redesign

Freaky Friday

I am super afraid of spiders.  Like really terribly afraid!  And while Bean and I were outside gathering sticks for her fairy house, we ran upon this wolf spider (according to the google search).  I think he's missing a leg, and I really wanted to smash him with a rock.  But he has these sad little eyes that made me feel sorry for him.  How bad is that?  Feeling sorry for a spider?  LOL

Then it was on to gathering sticks and twigs for the fairy house.  Needless to say I ended up doing most of the work as usual.  LOL  Bean really loves doing crafts and things, but she gets bored easily and likes to sit there and talk to me while she watches what I'm doing.  I think she loses interest when it gets to a point that she has to work and stop making a huge mess!  She could care less about attaching the twigs right now.  All she wants to do is paint...

Here is what we started with as our frame for the fairy house:  a shoe box!  We played around with it a bit before we decided we wanted to cover the top with twigs.  Bean's main inspiration comes from one of her favorite movies, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  

Upcycled Aluminum Ornaments and Tags

As part of our effort to make the world a better place, we've started upcycling for our etsy store. First, I do realize that just the two of us cannot make the world a better place. But it takes combined efforts. And although our little bit of work may not be enough to make one small impact...we still have to try!

I look for ways to do good deeds on a daily basis. I often fall short and I know I am nowhere near where I want to be on my journey. And still, its a good feeling to do what is right or what is helpful. Plus, it is a fun and amazing way to spend time with Bean doing productive things.

Second, upcycling is like recycling. But instead of just reusing the product, you convert it into something different and something new!

Our most recent project is upcycled tags and ornaments made from recycled aluminum. I'm already in love!

The things I love about Pinterest

I signed up for Pinterest before most people...that I know. Of course I wasn't one of the first Pinterest pioneers. But I was one of the first few of the folks that are in my circle of friends and acquaintances. It was confusing at first, because I didn't really put much time into it. Before long, however, I couldn't stay away from it.

I can't say enough about it. The boards. The pins. The categories. My favorite finds are DIY, cooking, fashion, and handy stuff (homemade washing detergent, how to properly apply eyeshadow, etc).

If I had to choose one all time fav thing about Pinterest, it would be the fashion and style pins. I have a closet FULL of clothes and shoes. And still, I find myself getting bored and feeling like I need more. When that happens, I search MY STYLE PINBOARD on Pinterest. There are loads of ideas and pics of outfits and things I can do to change up what I already have. It's absolutely amazing, and really fun top!

Here are a few examples of the pins I've repinned to my board.

Homemade pizza via the Dollar Tree

Bean and I made our very first homemade pizza with some ingredients we found at the Dollar Tree. Trying their food has always frightened me, since I've bought many of their snacks and they are usually stale or just plain gross. But we noticed this pack of 2 mini pizza crusts, along with some Ragu Pizza Sauce, so we decided it would at least be fun to experiment. Preheat oven to 450; we added some pepperoni and Swiss cheese; bring back down to 425 while the pizza bakes for 7-10 minutes. It actually didn't turn out too bad for a meal that fed 2 and was under $5.00 total!

Happy Sunday

I've been slowly gathering my creations for my etsy shop and today I posted a new photo to the Facebook page.

3" round custom gift tags and stickers.

They are the perfect thing for anyone. Photogs, brides, business owners, boutiques, gift giving, or just for fun.

Both the etsy shop and the Facebook page are pretty bare. But we're working on adding some life to them.

Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PropDropAndRoll

Etsy: http://www.PropDropAndRoll.etsy.com/


Paper Yummies

While I'm totally revamping the blog, I wanted to share something that I've been working on...

When I get things situated, I'll give the full scoop on why I've decided to put my photography aside, what I've been up to, and what's next.  For now, this is part of a new branding project that I'm working on for my friend, Sharon Coker.
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