Dirty Thirty, Juan

Where do we begin? In bed at midnight with a birthday text from my little sister, woke up to the most amazing hug from Bean, went to shoot an anniversary session for a beautiful couple, saw a very good friend in her nightgown (lol - you know who you are!), came home to find my mom and step dad cleaned up while I was gone, found a cool area rug at freaking Dollar General of all places for $12, my mom fixed me a fried baloney samich (yum - and thanks), spent the day at home with family visiting, my friend and her mom stopped by with bday goodies for both me AND Bean, enjoyed a movie, clipped my toe nails (long story that has nothing to do with failure to practice good hygiene), my family went home, continued to receive endless texts, calls and messages with birthday wishes, then sat down to do laundry when another friend showed up with a chocolate cake that she made for me (and a gift that I immediately put to good use), to which my night came to an end when she left and I started unpacking.

Here's where it got bad:

These aren't even *HALF* of my shoes. Where and when did I ever buy these things? And why? And where have I been storing them all? And what the frock will I do with them now?

Oh well. My taste in shoes is still kick-ass, no matter how old I am.

Bean and Harley

Well, we got a dog. It's actually Bean's dog and she absolutely loves her, even though she eats things when she's left alone for too long. What else? I decided to clean my closet and get rid of some stuff. I've been posting stuff for sale on eBay mostly because people on CraigsList can be pretty difficult. One lady actually wanted me to drive across town and bring her a necklace that she was offering me a dollar for. Another got pissy and sent me a rude email because I sold something she wanted, to someone willing to pay cash before she was. People are so annoying.

Anyway. Today we visited my mawmaw and ate so much KFC that I literally felt like my stomach was bursting. Tonight we went to a football game and it was super fun. Maybe when I get a replacement cord for my computer (since the dog ate it) I can actually post a real blog. Til then, iBlogging it is!

Now booking 2010 Holiday Sessions

I am now booking for 2010 Holiday Sessions!

There are three packages to choose from and a bonus (2 in fact). Book by Sept 30, 2010 and enter to win a set of (25) custom Christmas cards!

Prepay when you book and receive a Storyboard (sort of like a collage) with 3 images from your session!

You may choose from 3 unique holiday themes when you book your session. This year's themes are:
Black & White Christmas (your images in a beautiful black and white tone)
Baby It's Cold Outside (dress your kids in their winter attire)
Christmas in the Country (an amazing outdoor backdrop with a down-home Country Christmas feel)

And don't forget the referrals! Refer four friends and get $100 print credit on a future session with us at the completion of all four friends' sessions. Your friends will also receive a complimentary set of wallets for booking with us. Refer six friends and receive a complimentary session at the completion of all six friends' sessions. If all 6 spend over $400.00, you'll get a full-res CD with your next session!
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