Hair Happiness

For volume, build up limp locks with Ionic Rollers, like Maxius Adustacurl for $16. Make the Velcro strips big or small - the larger the curler, the more of a raise you'll get. Place at the crown under a layer of hair for a few minutes and spritz with spray. When you're done, flatten the strip for easy storage.

For a more natural bounce, Caruso steam rollers rely on wet heat to style hair. For a long lasting curl, blot the sponge part of the damp roller to remove excess moisture before applying them.

Bumpits is the devil. I have yet to hear from an actual person and not a paid actress who says they have had success with these things. End of discussion.

If you want to add even higher volume, you could try teasing your hair. Using a teasing comb, separate your hair into 3-inch sections, pick one layer up and comb downward towards the roots. The tiny teeth grab onto each strand, adding just enough volume up top.

Toss the Towel Turban! When you wrap your hair up in a towel, strands break off in the fabric's little loops - and the fluffier the terrycloth, the worse the cuplrit. Better bet: Pat hair dry lightly (don't rub), or use a smooth chamois that won't damage the strands. InStyle magazine recommends a Sammy Cool N' Dry towel, which can be found on Amazon for $15 each.

My hair and it's hawtness

There is absolutely no hope for the Pearl Wal-Mart...

Let's back up. Today me and Bean met Victoria at Dogwood to do some browsing. At one point we got stuck in the Watermelon Patch because of the rain. We ate at "Chick-fer-lay" as Bean calls it, and finally went to pick up some groceries.

This brings us to the part where I thought my life was coming to an end. We got the the Pearl Wal-Mart, and I headed to the hair products because I've been out of shampoo and conditioner and I've been using Bean's shampoo for two days and if anyone knows anything about my hair they know its been hard to handle my entire life and just last year I found the most amazingly perfect shampoo and conditioner that does just what I need done. Yeah, it's one of those things I can't live without...and I couldn't find it. This happened last time I went in to replenish my supply and I decided it was just because some idiot thinks Wal-Mart would be better off if they confused the crap out of it's customers every few years by moving things around and replacing what most customers use, causing them to get used to something else that will eventually get replaced in another few years when a new idiot takes over.

I COULD NOT FIND MY SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER! I've never been one for expensive hair products so you wouldn't think I'd be freaking out over shampoo and conditioner. But when I figured out how to get it to work with me instead of against me, I started treating my hair to products that seem to do it good. PANTENE PRO-V has been working wonders on my hair since last year and I depend on it on a daily basis. Yet tonight I couldn't find it. We found similar bottles of the PANTENE brand that I use, but not the right ones. The "CURLS" was replaced with "CURLY" and now read "Curly to Straight - Loosens curls" Um, pass!

I found one bottle of the conditioner but there was no shampoo. I also found one bottle of the mouse that I use and it was marked down on a major clearance, as I was told by the lady stocking the shelves that Wal-Mart would be discontinuing my particular shampoo and conditioner. What. The. Freaking. Crap! We went back for one last glance and finally after scouting the shelves, Victoria saw "CURLY"! It took me a bit to warm up to it because I could tell it was totally not my shampoo or conditioner. But we finally realized that they (PANTENE) are apparently trying to keep up with Wal-Mart's need to confuse the hell out of me by disrupting my life with these changes.

I get that it's a really minor issue, but I've been using these things for over a year like I said, and I'm used to the way the bottles look. The wording, logo, and everything is different. And I can't just swap to something else. It's not even up for discussion.

People constantly ask me what I use on my hair, and what I do to get it the way it is. First off, it's naturally wavy. So it takes work. I usually can't go without drying it. Today I let it air dry and I spritzed it with the hair spray (2), then scrunched it with my hands (by the way, touching your hair with your hands causes frizz in addition to oil). It was somewhat frizzy, and after I got soaked in the rain it kinda curled up on it's own. But normally if I don't dry my hair I can't leave home without having it up in a ponytail or wadded up on my head. On most days, I may let it air dry just a bit but never too much. If it's not damp enough it's pretty much done for the day. When I'm going to leave it curly, I spray guts 10 (4) around my roots and sometimes I'll add it to the lower portions of my hair, but not much. I normally don't work it in. Then I get a big squirt of my mousse (1), and scrunch it all over my hair. I get the hair dryer and add the diffuser (also see below). I NEVER brush my hair unless I'm planning to straighten it. Otherwise I'll end up with unwanted volume. I also use products designed for curly hair, hence the freakout over my shampoo and conditioner tonight. When I straighten my hair I add Root Boost (3) to my roots, and I rub it in really well. I use a wide round thermal brush to brush out the curls while drying it with my hair dryer. The wider the brush, the straighter it will be when it dries. Small round brush acts as a roller to get curls on your hair when used with the heat of a blow dryer. Large round brush smooths your hair. The metal core heats up, shaping the hair from the inside out.

A word about the diffuser: If you have straight hair it reduces frizz. For curly hair it helps define curls while eliminating frizz. Overall, it works best on the cool instead of warm or hot. For those who don't know hot to use one, watch this video. It also shows different ways to scrunch your hair. Like my stylish says, find what works for you!

The Prince Family, Part 2

It appears as if I hit "Save" instead of "Publish" when I drafted this blog last week... so I apologize for the delay!

This is another sneak peak at the Prince session. Miss Prince and Mr. Prince were too funny and I think my favorite part was seeing them push each other out of the way so they could sit on my red chair and wooden crate. LOL Kids seem to get excited over those things. Needless to say, it was a great session and I think they all did a great job. And mom was simply beautiful with her glowing belly!

The Prince Family

An absolutely beautiful expecting mother that I shot last week. She already has to crazy little rugrats that I also got to work with (more to come of them this week). Just wanted to post a little sneak peak for her!
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