Mommy and Me - Nessa and Bradley

I just had the opportunity to work with Bradly this past Christmas and was so happy to work with him again for our upcoming "Mommy and Me" series. You'd never know from these images that this kid wouldn't be still! But I was able to get some shots of him goofing off - told him his mom was going to save them and show them off to his girlfriends when he gets older.

AND, I told his mom today that she has THE BEST skin I've noticed on any of my clients! I'm jealous - lol.

PS: Be sure to look for info soon on our "Mommy and Me" series~

The Berrys

This beautiful little girl just happens to be my daughter's very first friend. They spent several weeks together in the NICU when they were both born early (Madie, below, was born at 24 weeks while my daughter was born at 28). Of course when you spend that kind of time with people who are going through what you are experiencing, you form a bond. I am blessed to know Madie's parents because they are such wonderful and kind people. And I was so happy when her mom asked me to schedule them for an Anniversary session for their dad - he's a Marine and he was at drill when we had the session, so it was a surprise! I got to meet Madie's little brother and sister! They were SO much fun, but it was hard work keeping up with these three! We had such a great time. I can't wait to see them again!

Happy Anniversary, Wes and Jan!

Mr. Williams

This tough little guy stuck it out through the wind (which I don't think we were expecting to be so rough). Still, he did a super job and I'm glad I got to work with him!

These images were to celebrate his 1st birthday! YAY~

Baby Carter

Just wanted to share this sweet bundle of joy that I've been working on. He was SO precious today and very patient with us throughout his session. He finally gave up and we had to call it a day. But isn't he just handsome? Hope mom likes these...can't wait to finish the rest!

Meet Angel, the Senior!

I'm late posting this, but still wanted this girl to get some recognition. Angel is an amazing girl and she'll be graduating soon! I love her sense of style. She did such a great job putting her outfits together.

Thanks, Angel!

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