Bright Blue Eyes

These babies are just so cute and cuddly!

We're starting to rebook all of the sessions that were post-poned due to rain. If you had a session booked and we haven't set you a new date, please email if you do not hear from us by the end of the week.

What a cutie!

Still getting caught up. I had to make some space on the proofing site and still have about 3 more galleries to get uploaded before I get too far behind. Thought I'd take a break to share this beautiful little cutie pie!

A boy, and an update!

Just when I started getting busy and training my assistant... those computer problems that I was having around the holidays finally caught up with me. I had two viruses and had to do without my computer for a while. We actually sent two in two get fixed. I felt lost (LOL). Luckily, I remembered that someone I used to work with has their own business and I tracked them down on the weekend. I trusted that he would take care of them, rather than getting treated like just another client with a broken computer. Of course, I was very pleased when I got them back and was able to get back to work on my sessions.

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy busy. There is work to be done on the site and the blog... and I get to sit down with some one-on-one time with my assistant and show her the ropes. We've had a couple of meetings but most of our work has been done online and via email and phone. She is going above and beyond and I'm please to have her. Can't wait to introduce her!

Now that I've got a little rant and rave over with....

Here is a cute little man that I had the pleasure of working with last week! 5 kids in one day was great!

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