First it was computer problems...now I can't keep a good connection to the internet. So for now, I'll just post these two. This little guy had SUCH a personality. He was on the go the entire time and three adults couldn't stop him! He was so funny and came and sat in my lap while I was trying to get some shots of him. :)

{3 Feet of Fun!}

You may have seen this cutie on my site. Her mom calls her "3 Feet of Fun" because that's exactly what she is, give or take a few inches. She is SUPER funny and has the silliest expressions. And I love how she says "Missss Jenniiffeerrr".

{Thank you, Mary}

I posted her a little sneak peak yesterday, but wanted to say thanks to her for her patience. Her session proofs weren't posted Tuesday because of my computer issues. I'm not really fond of Windows Vista - GRRRR... Anyway, your girls did a great job, Mary. Thanks so much for letting me work with y'all!


I can't get anything to upload onto my proofing site or Facebook right now, so please be patient with me... looks like I'll be posting a few more extras here on the blog until I can get the problem fixed.

These two girls had the coolest pink boots I think I've ever seen. I love stylish kids!


Another fun session. I tried to get these uploaded yesterday but was having major computer issues and haven't responded to any calls or emails since yesterday afternoon...

This was a very nice family. They had two daughters and a son (as you can see) and they were all very easy to work with. I know I say that a lot - I'm blessed to have some of the best clients out there! Being a photographer allows me to meet so many great people, like the ones below!


Hello, Redhead! This is my good friend and fellow photographer, Sharon. I assisted her on a session today with a beautiful little 3 month-old girl. I tried out my new lens on her while we were in between changes - VERY pleased with the results!


Just a quick sneak peak of Steven's session. As you can see, this guy is in pretty good shape!


This is Leslie - we've seen her here before! I've worked with her son for a few years and had the pleasure of working one-on-one with her a few months back. She recently decided to schedule a Boudoir Session for her upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary and it will be just in time for Christmas. These are some of the shots we got...the more "intimate" images will be between her and the hubs! She did such a great job, I had a hard time narrowing down a few images for her sneak peak. By the way, congrats on your 10 years!


This is Jack. I've known him since high school and have had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions. We recently did a session for an upcoming article in the Mississippi Business Journal - "Top 40 Under 40". Jack made the 2009 list and his article is out, which includes one of the shots we took!

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