{Shelby - My AMAZING little sister}

For those of you who do not know...this is my little sister. She's been my model for years. Shelby will be graduating from high school in May and wants to be a doctor (even though I see her being a Veterinarian because she loves animals so much). We look nothing alike but we have the same personality, pretty much. What else can I say about her? She made the honor roll. Oh, she also makes delicious Chicken Alfredo! YUMMY
I absolutely love her!


Here is another Christmas Mini-Session sneak peak. These were new clients and I hope to work with them again. This little girl has a beautiful smile and told me that her grandpa calls her snaggle-tooth! Her brother wouldn't sit still for too long, but I got some really great shots of him on the go. I was so glad to work with this family. Hope you guys enjoyed your session ;)


I've been at home with a sweet little girl that doesn't feel good today. So I didn't get the chance to post these earlier like I wanted to...I had a session recently with this handsome guy. He did a great job (I'm so blessed to have such amazing clients) and I was even able to get a few shots of him and his mom. As you can see from some of his session images, he was not only easy to work with but he also made me laugh over and over with his silly faces!


She kept trying to tell me she isn't very photogenic. I think we can see that isn't quite true. LOL. Patience is such a BEAUTIFUL girl! Very sweet and fun to be around - which made working with her a real treat.


This is Stephanie. She's a local teenager and SUPER fun to hang out with! You wouldn't believe the amount of responsibility that she holds. School, clubs, family, church, friends, etc. And on top of it all, she was great to work with. Did I mention how beautiful her eyes are? SWOON! I love blue eyes.

{The Beasons}

This is the second girl I've met that loves to climb trees! She also likes to run around with her shoes off like I do. We had a great session downtown and mom was very pleased with her pics!

{Leslie and Brandt}

Two of my fav people to work with. Leslie and I were talking about our hair the other day - she has the most beautiful long blonde hair I've ever seen. And Brandt is growing up so fast!

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