{Kayla, a Senior}

We had a lot of fun at Kayla's session for her Senior Portraits. She did several clothing changes and we went to a ton of locations. Kayla was absolutely adorable and VERY stylish. I particularly liked the tiny stud in her nose. But I don't think I could get my own nose pierced! haha

Congratulations on finishing high school this year, Kayla. Good luck!


Kristen was another fun person to work with. She's a student at a local high school and she has the cutest smile! We did her session early one morning before she went into work and we had a good laugh when someone ran off the road trying to see what we were doing!

{Jessica and Marion}

I take FULL CREDIT for these two ever meeting in the first place.

Me and Jess met several years ago and never had a lot of "bonding" time until we got stuck together during Katrina. That probably marked the actual beginning of our friendship... and I can never forget how much she was there for me and my daughter during my pregnancy and D's NICU stay.

Marion and I met when we were both working in Law Enforcement (he is a police officer in a local city). We all three have gone through a lot over the course of knowing one another and have grown closer as friends. I would have never "pictured" these two together, but they are absolutely perfect for one another!

I couldn't ask for better friends...

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