A lot of you may know that I used to blog a lot. I had a personal blog that I took down last year... Well, one of my old blogging buddies - Supermom - booked me for a session this past Saturday and I had the best time with her and her son. He was not only cooperative with our requests (and demands, lol) but he also had me laughing the entire time.

Thanks, Superfamily! I had an awesome time.

{Back to Business}

After like a gaziollion much needed breaks (among other things) I'm finally getting back to business. The site is almost ready to go live. It will be completely new - COMPLETELY AWESOME! The only things I am lacking is a few cute kids to grace the pages.

This means I need models. Boys, girls, babies, kids, teens. I've got tons of locations lined up, tons of inspiration and can't wait to get back in the swing of things. The special mini-sessions are complimentary and the list is getting full. BOOK NOW to reserve your space!

Want more info?

*Open to both old and new clients.

*All sessions are outdoors, weather permitting.

*Session Fee is waived.

*Includes complimentary CD of session images.

*Session images available in color, black and white or very vintage.

*Pre-Session Consultations included with style and clothing recommendations.

*You agree to sign a model release allowing me to use your session images as I choose.

Contact me via email to sign up: jenncphoto@gmail.com.

Here is a little sneak peak at what the new site is going to look like...
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