{Easter inspiration}

I hope everyone had a great Easter. The bunny left us the most adorable little basket, filled with eggs and goodies.

The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.
~Robert Flatt

Withdrawals from bloggin

I've been in a committe meeting all morning and currently am out for lunch. It has made me realize what a great blogging family I have gained. Yes, I would call them my friends even though I have yet to meet several of them (oh, wait til tomorrow). In my ever changing world, busy schedule and with little rest to motivate me to get out of bed some mornings, I still get up and go about my day. But in my meeting today, I am getting alerts on my BlackBerry regarding the follow-up comments to some of the blogs I've been following. I can't check it in the meeting. That would be SO inappropriate! UGH! ARG! AGH!

I know they'll be there when I am done. Still, I think that these could be the best friends I've ever had. Honestly... I can speak to them every day and not have to see them. I am not expected or required to attend any social functions with them. Wait - about the seeing them part. I could still not speak to them for several days and come back one random Tuesday and they'd still be happy to hear from me!

Anywho, if I want to go all postal and spaz out about the dead cats hanging from my clothes line, I am sure they would sense that there is just something not right with me and maybe even call (or blog) for help! And I know that once again, they are still going to be happy to hear from me. It all goes back to stats... I fill up their Stats Tank just like they do mine. We are all here for one another and it is a grand feeling!

Back to my meeting (SIGH)!

Pimp My Pees

The second annual "Pimp My Peeps" is ready to get Pimp-nasty! Walk on over to the Suburbs of Mississippi Moms for details. I think its going to be Peeptacular! Dress-up your Peeps, trick them out or pimp them out (lol - no pun intended). Send in your photos and see who's got the best Peeps!

So far, there is one official entry (my Peep Show was not an original photo so I feel that I cannot take credit). Click HERE to see the first entry. This is so Peepciting!

And in addition to the Peep pimping, there will be a special "Peep Show" next Thursday. Your only requirement is to bring a mini-Peep of your own personal self.

11:30 a.m.
Thursday, March 20
El Sombrero, Lakeland Drive

Please RSVP or contact Sandi for further details!

Peep Show

In honor of Easter, I thought I'd give you all a little "Peep" Show...

Photo of a peep show

Free childcare, via McDonald's

I would like to share, in graphic detail what I witnessed this weekend while eating at a McDonald's in another part of the great state of Mississippi!

No, it is not the group of police officers that looked like they had just stepped off the lazy train (all 6 that were protecting the city that day). What really caught my eye and made me want to cut my ear off was one gentlman who sat in the corner with his laptop... I assumed he was doing a little surfing. Everyone piggy-backs off of the fast-food places these days. They advertise free Wi-Fi and I bet it brings in more customers. This particular man, however gave the impression that he had been in this position for at least 4 hours. The more I observed him, I wondered exactly how long it had been since he had joined the real world from cyber-land. The laptop was plugged into a wall, with the cord stretched across the drink fountain. He was not clean shaven, his clothes were wrinkled and somewhat dirty as if he had worn them for several days (people do that, and it's OK - I'm not complaining). As time went by, I see this kid running back and forth. I am in my own conversation so it is not until I hear this annoying scream that I actually see what is going on. This kid, maybe 7 years old was running around INSIDE the restaurant with no shoes, and dirty clothes as well. He was yelling "ICECREAMICECREAMICECREAM"... the man on the computer seems annoyed as he has to stop what he is doing, and begins whopping out $1.00 bills and passing them over...the kid in return goes to the counter and begins ordering "ICECREAM". This McDonald's was pretty busy to be in a small-town. There were people everywhere and the drive-thru was also backed-up. Still, the man didn't seem to mind that he was taking up space, causing a distraction and even violating 75,394 electrical codes. The kid got his "ICECREAM" and began running circles inside and the man went back to his surfing.

Honestly............I think Brad Paisley wrote a song about this guy - ONLINE!
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