Letter to the History Teacher

I think we all know a few women who are confused about the whole situation, whatever that situation may be. They change with the snap of a finger and really aren't sure if their shoes are on backwards or frontwards.

...a single, bitter mom's plea for the married man to teach her child well and not draw mommy in to his good looks any longer.

Mr. Williams,

I am unsure of how to address this matter that has been on my mind for some time now, so I thought I'd just go ahead and get it over with. You are doing a wonderful job of educating Sarah in World History. It is obvious that she enjoys your class, as she talks about it all of the time. You would think it is her favorite subject. However, it is your way with me that is quite a concern. I do enjoy our chats at the weekly softball games and find it quite amusing to hear Sarah coming in the door jabbering away with what you've had to say about me each day in her class. But seriously Bradley, you are MARRIED! It would be such a wonderful experience to have a hidden romance with a man who was once so irresistable throughout town when we were both young. You and I are adults now and we went our seperate ways after high school. Life has been hard on Sarah since her father and I divorced many years ago and she doesn't need to get the wrong idea of thinking that she has found that one man to take her father's place. She needs stability. And I need assurance. You cannot give me that.

Come to think of it, we never knew one another in high school. You were many years older than me and I do not recall us ever speaking. So why do you act now as if we were once best friends - or even LOVERS! Does your wife know that you take the long road home just to drive by my house every day and see if I'm there? You say it is to make sure Sarah gets off the bus ok. I don't think this is the case. And speaking of your wife, I saw her at the salan the other day. She looks like she's not eating. Should I give her a biscuit? Or maybe some tips on that new hair color that just ain't setting in too good? Really. If she isn't satisfying your taste for life then maybe you should be looking elsewhere. But don't think for one minute that you are going to make me the town tramp. I have priorities and needs and what I don't need is a man in and out of my bed.

In closing, I do appreciate all of your help with Sarah this school season. She admires you as a teacher as do I. We'll always look forward to hearing your horn as you pass the house each day on our small, winding country road. Maybe you could stop by some time and get a class of sweet tea!


Anna Beth Claire

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