{Feels Like Home to Me...}

This is my initials that I carved on a tree that has been in front of my grandparents' house for as long as I can remember. I was probably a teenager when I did it, and felt like I was leaving my mark on something.
One of my favorite artists is Chantal Kreviazuk. Many people that I talk to don't know who she is. Mostly Chantal's music has been featured on the soundtracks of many movies. She has one that is my favorite: Feels Like Home. You can read the lyrics HERE if you'd like.

I feel that I can relate to this song because nothing has ever felt like home to me the way that HOME has felt...make sense? Since moving back to my hometown of Pelahatchie, I have been a little late responding to things and there are a few other complications that have prevented me from doing other things as well. But I am in the process of working on an outdoor studio area and have found lots of places around town that will be great for portraits. The website will be updated soon as well. HOORAY!

These are images that I have taken at my old home. These images feel like home to me.
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