Clothing Swap

There is a new trend sweeping the nation. Clothing Swaps allow you to practice the art of sharing and kindness as you select garments for yourselves and others. By bringing clean, gently worn and new items you no longer wear or use, the SWAP takes place in a home or other location.
The planners may serve wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. There could also be spa treats so you can unwind prior to the Clothing Swap. Some swaps may feature food, entertainment, live music, you name it. There is a designated time and place for these new trends. They can be set up by a local organization or a group of friends trying something different. Get more details at the site:

A Complaint Free World

Have you heard the buzz? This is a Complain Free World! In an attempt to make you a happier person, Christ Church Unity are giving away Complain Free bracelets.
Pic of a complaint free world bracelets
The Purple Bracelets are showing up all over the world !! (including Belgium, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and more countries each day!) And the Today Show featured a story on the bracelets as well. CLICK HERE TO VIEW. The objective is to wear your bracelet until you become complaint free for 21 days. If you slip up, just move it to the other hand. The Great American Complain Off! The opposite of complaining is gratitude. In the United States, we celebrate our collective gratitude once a year on Thanksgiving. There is a proposal going up that the day before Thanksgiving be officially declared "Complaint Free Wednesday!" What better way to help us prepare for a day of gratitude than a day free from talking about the "bad" things around us. Visit ACOMPLAINTFREEWORLD.ORG

{Fresh Faces Needed}

Get in on this special session while it lasts. Pass it along to your friends and family - or anyone else you think may be interested! Contact me for further details.

Baby Wit

Rani shared this link with me... Retro clothes with an adult sensibility...

{Chick Ball}

I am proud to announce participation in the 3rd Annual Chick Ball. Some of my artwork will be up for auction. I find it very important to assist various organizations - this one in particular is the Center for Violence Prevention.

Free athletic physicals

University Sports Medicine will offer free athletic physicals for students in grades 8-12 who are involved in any extracurricular activities for their schools from 8:30 a.m.-noon on Saturday, May 19, at the UMC Pavilion. Parent/guardian authorization is required. Pre-participation exam forms are now available at University Sports Medicine and will be available at the physicals. To schedule a time for the physical, call University Sports Medicine at 601-984-6519.

{Up for Auction}

Some of my favorite original artwork will be up for auction at an upcoming event to assist local charities. Please keep an eye out for details.
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